Amrapur 6-Piece Towel Set in Light Blue

Amrapur 6-Piece Towel Set Light Blue

This Amrapur 6-Piece Towel Set in Light Blue is made from rayon from bamboo, which absorbs moisture much more rapidly than cotton towels do. Unlike traditional cotton towels that can easily become contaminated by bacteria and fungi, rayon from bamboo towels naturally prevent microorganisms and mildew from growing on the towel, even in humid and damp environments. $99.99 Sale $27. Buy here.

Birthstone Mineral Soaps

Birthstone Mineral Soap

Mariel Nader’s one-of-a-kind Birthstone Mineral Soaps were inspired by the shades and shapes of the 12 birthstones. Made with only high-quality, pure ingredients and enriched with invigorating minerals, vegetable-based dyes, and soothing vitamin E oil, these lustrous soaps are handcrafted in small batches without the use of molds. The artist hand-cuts and carves realistic angles and facets into the vibrant soap rocks once they’re set in their gemstone-like shapes, giving each one the unique look and feel of an authentic birthstone. Handmade in Connecticut. $20. Buy here.