Birthstone Mineral Soaps

Birthstone Mineral Soap

Mariel Nader’s one-of-a-kind Birthstone Mineral Soaps were inspired by the shades and shapes of the 12 birthstones. Made with only high-quality, pure ingredients and enriched with invigorating minerals, vegetable-based dyes, and soothing vitamin E oil, these lustrous soaps are handcrafted in small batches without the use of molds. The artist hand-cuts and carves realistic angles and facets into the vibrant soap rocks once they’re set in their gemstone-like shapes, giving each one the unique look and feel of an authentic birthstone. Handmade in Connecticut. $15. Buy here.

Barr-Co. Marine Bath Soak

Barr-Co. Bath Soak

Each Barr-Co. Marine Bath Soak comes in a pretty, reusable colored glass bottle scripted with classic Americana typography, filled with mineral salts that relieve stress, muscle aches and joint pain. Created by Kelley Hall-Barr and her husband John, Barr-Co. prides itself on creating eco-friendly, quality goods in small batches. Marine: evocative of fresh air and water, with layers of herbaceous flowers and morning mist. $32. Buy here.