Katalla Bay Ceramic Dinnerware

Katalla Bay Ceramic Dinnerware

Showcase your rockin’ style with this unusual Katalla Bay Ceramic Dinnerware in rich shades of teal, taupe and glimmering gold. A beautiful way to set a table that displays nature’s gifts. $7.95 – $8.95. Buy here.

4 thoughts on “Katalla Bay Ceramic Dinnerware

  1. I love the Katalla Bay ceramic dinnerware, but Pier 1 is sold out. I got 4 dinner plates and 1 salad plate on their clearance section. Nothing comes up online. Do you know if anywhere else to get it?

  2. Jo-Bette — I called around and had a couple Pier 1 stores look up each sku number within a certain radius. There may be a couple stores that have some, but it’s going to take some digging. Best of luck to you.

  3. I scoured all the Pier 1 stores, i wanted 12 settings complete and no one could supply. They are just not out there. Scouring internet still.

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