Aquamarine Sultan Canisters

The exquisite Sultan Canisters, in deep striking Aquamarine glass, lend a vibrance to your decor. And the ample, curvaceous shapes have an exotic style resembling silhouettes of buildings and objects found in the Middle East. Pair them together for a distinct decorative display. The taller canister measures 5.25” diameter by 18.5” tall and the shorter is 8” diameter by 13.25” tall. Each $29.95. Buy here.

2 thoughts on “Aquamarine Sultan Canisters

  1. Just found your gorgeous blog all the way from Spain! Love the pieces you select in each post. Do pop over to my blog where I recently did a post all about turquoise 😉

  2. gorgeous!! your blog is definitely inspiring me to incorporate some turquoise into my home decor 🙂

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