Aqua Grey Damsel Wall Paper

Deck the walls with this extra long double roll of self-adhesive, vinyl-coated Aqua Grey Damsel Wall Paper topped with an eye-catching, modern design. Combining traditional, time-testing printing processes with fresh designs, these easy-to-apply sheets are sure to update any room. Best of all, this wallpaper is easy to remove and reapply, so you can change your walls as you change your mind! Instruction included. Enough wallpaper to cover 56 square feet! $78. Buy here.

2 thoughts on “Aqua Grey Damsel Wall Paper

  1. Well it looks like I should have looked at your shopping blog before I asked if you had come across any Turquoise wallpaper… because of course you have!!
    If you didn’t want to settle for someone else’s patterns, you could create your own design and personalize any room with custom wallpaper.

    Nice find!


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