5 thoughts on “Venice Canopy Bed

  1. As an aqua/turquoise lover of the first order, who also loves vintage and antique, sweet garden and shabby chic themes, this is probably one of the most perfect looking beds in the world. But that’s where the dream ends. To buy it in queen size will set you back $11,300 which is not the most ridiculous thing about this bed — that would be the fact that the seller indicates there is assembly required, but the delivery charge — which itself is 9.9% of the price of the bed = $1,118.7 — DOES NOT INCLUDE ASSEMBLY! Yes, folks, you will pay $12,418.71 for this beautiful bed, and you get to ASSEMBLE IT YOURSELF! I have officially seen everything now … the world IS absolutely upside down.

  2. I know! I thought that was totally nuts too! But I still couldn’t help but share as pure eye-candy!

    Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  3. Dearest Erin, you always, without fail, do such a great job on all your blogs in providing your readers and followers with outstanding eye candy! That is why I count on HoT and ET to “take me to my happy place” each time I log on to be taken away by beauty.

    This bed is no different, and despite the cost of it being way outside the realm of affordability for most folks, if it were my blog, I would have included it too because it is that beautiful!

    If nothing else, it can serve as inspiration. I bet someone could fine a nice metalsmith or woodworker to build them a bed inspired by this one — all they’d have to do is find a talented painter to some artwork similar to that on the bed et voila, they’d have something similar and I bet far more affordable! So, keep up your good work, even this super expensive stuff can inspire people and provide design “jumping-off points.”

  4. OK, Erin, this bed is MY dream. You are a true genius for finding these treasures. I may not be able to afford this bed (I wonder who HAS purchased it? I would love to see the room…), but I can dream that one day it would be mine. This is my favorite thing you have ever shown. It is gorgeous.

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